About us

Seamel’s unique online platform accompanies boaters and water sports enthusiasts as they travel the seas and discover the islands. Seamel gives you precious information for navigating territorial waters and on the islands’ services, attractions and activities.

You can create a boater’s profile and use our itinerary so your loved ones may follow along, from one island to the next, through your adventures. You can also use it to share your departures and arrivals on your social media.

You can use other boaters’ comments to better plan your itineraries, activities and purchases, and then you too can share your experiences with others!

Seamel is surrounded by skilled experts, including experienced captains, to provide you with truly useful information and better advise you on navigating the open waters off the islands.

Information about maritime regulations comes from local authorities. We work directly with:

– Port authorities for the formalities of entry to and departure from the islands, as well as any fees
– Maritime Affairs and sea rescue organizations to help you in an emergency
– Marinas to tell you about their services
– Tourism offices to make sure you have relevant tourist information and help you discover the islands’ most interesting attractions
– Marine reserves so you know each territory’s maritime regulations and fees, if required
– Regatta organizers to inform you of regattas and other boating events
– Boat clubs to tell you of their activities and services

You can also use other boaters’ comments to fine-tune your choice of island destinations and the activities to do once you’ve arrived.

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